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I write. I design. I cook. I read. I make music. I talk to people -- all kinds of people.

I used to teach and hopefully will do so again someday.

My dream job would be a cross between barrista and consultant, with a large helping of international travel and bohemian wandering through concerts, museums, galleries, and open spaces.

Somewhere back in time, my students started calling me "RameyLady" and the name stuck. I like it. There's a Ramey-man too. He's a much better writer but he seems to be too humble to share it with the least, not yet.

#Exvangelical, four years on

While I’m no stranger to controversy, I don’t seek it out. Thus, I have put off writing this post for years now, as I’ve been a bit timid about saying “out loud” what’s been happening in my head for the past four years. Anytime we talk about Faith, things get […]