what’s this?

I write because

  • it helps me think
  • my ideas need interaction out in the big world
  • sometimes a thought is so important to me that I want to say it “out loud”

So come in, hang out, and have a good time.

About Me

I’ve lived in the South longer than I grew up in the North, but not by much.   I’ve adopted “y’all” in place of “y’ins,” sweet tea, biscuits (though I can’t make them), and a love for okra only when it’s sliced and dipped in a corn meal batter before being pan fried to perfect crispiness.

I work best with people and ideas, especially where the two intersect.  My three careers all lived in that nexus: I’ve worked as a librarian, a teacher, and now in communications (but still connected to education).

If you hang around long enough, you’ll hear me talk about education, theology, music, pop culture, books, video games, politics, quirky things I find funny, and who knows what else.

Follow me on Twitter for a bite-sized tour through my brain.


  1. Hi Ramey
    My name is Mark.
    I saw your Tweet about one of my favorite articles ‘The Small Happy Life’.
    I was hearing from my readers that they wanted some more practical steps to take to encourage happiness so I went ahead and created this post: http://wp.me/p6bNAS-1P
    If you have time I’d love for you to check it out. If you like it, it would be awesome if you’d consider sharing it.
    Mark Rogers

    Liked by 1 person

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