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What my bosses have taught me

Reviewing my working life, I realize that I’ve worked for some pretty awesome people. Competent, professional, relational — I can genuinely say that each of the bosses in my life taught me (or allowed me to learn) pivotal lessons that make me a better person (not just a better employee). It’s been […]

Is everyone selling something?

Raise your hand if you’re tired of clicking on a friend’s post or blog entry thinking it’s going to be something useful and interesting only to discover it’s basically a sales pitch for whatever they’re selling…. I guess networked sales have always been around, at least as long as capitalism […]

My 2015 in books

I like how GoodReads offers a review of one’s reading habits. I don’t read that much long prose – it’s a definite switch in my habits, but I find myself buried in a pile of excellent article and periodical content that takes a lot of my reading time. I’ve committed […]