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Trust the process

“The Process.” We should print it in big, bold letters because that’s how this idea rolls: The Process. ***** I’m teaching this semester, and despite all of my emotional hand-wringing in my last post, I genuinely enjoy it. I’ve got a good class and so far they’re working to do what […]

Accidentally awesome pasta

 Accidentally made the best pasta ever. Here’s the mojo I followed: On a rimmed baking sheet in a 425 degree oven, I roasted a few garlic gloves, half an onion I found in the frig, a pepper, and about a dozen cherry tomatoes from the farmers market. Drizzle with olive […]

A dim glow

If you’re a regular reader [shout out to the 2 or 3 people who fit that category :)] you may have noticed my writing has slowed to a dribble. In this year when “you do you” is the mantra of every magazine, I’ve found it easier to enjoy my fellow […]