Link: For God So Loved Caitlyn Jenner

Instead of trying to wade into the Caitlyn Jenner debate, I’m going to commend this blog post by Marty Duren, which was republished by the Washington Post. I think he expresses my opinion as well as I could, if not better.

An excerpt, but please read the whole thing.

“I do not know all the answers.

What I do know is insulting transgendered people by mocking them does not gain us a hearing for the gospel. Mockery is not a characteristic of Jesus….

The very essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is no one is good enough to secure God’s love. And “no one” includes me and all those people I think I am better than, so let us stop pretending. Let us remember grace is not primarily a series of statements, but is the hand that finds us in the miry pit.”

For God so loved Caitlyn Jenner – The Washington Post.