Institutionalized racism sucks

…and it should be a major part of Gospel work to dismantle it.

Good read:
Covenants of Exclusion

If the Fall wrecked human society and institutions in addition to individuals — and institutionalized racism is a perfect example of how sin affects more than individual people — then the Gospel has institutional and social and communal effects beyond my personal redemption.

That’s why Kingdom work radiates out with communal force. Redeemed people live differently — or, at least, we should. If we are content for those effects only to touch our narrow circles, we’re missing something.

I don’t feel guilt necessarily when I read articles like this. But I do feel anger, and one of the godly responses i can have to that anger is to speak up for those who have no voice, to advocate for the weak and unrepresented, to use my white privilege to break unjust structures.