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On Ferguson.

THOUGHTFUL LINKS Ferguson, MO has been on everyone’s radar, so I don’t need to roll in here with a big post. It’s just that I’m really disappointed to see so many people dismiss the entire question of racial inequality and police militarization as just thugs rioting because they’re lazy. Wow. […]

Late August Notes

Hey folks!  I offer here an overview of some of the cool media I’ve been reading/watching/playing/eating (you can’t eat media, but I need to give a shout-out to some great August food) this month. I’ll be honest,  it’s been really busy at work and things aren’t going to let up […]

August Game Reviews

Been playing a lot more board games lately.   Check these out: Top picks for August: Archipelago is a clear winner for me among everything I’ve played this week. It’s a semi-cooperative game that’s like Settlers on crack.  “Semi-cooperative” means the game is definitely competitive because each player pursues a personal […]

I appreciate the people who, as leaders or directors or administrators, must confront hard decisions and the discomfort they cause. It is the burden of leadership to pick up the awkwardness of change or hardship and clear a path for the people under their care. Today, it’s cool & hip […]