Why I’m not voting for Haley

Gov. Nikki Haley Puts Down Arts Funding at Opening of Arts Festival | George Patrick McLeer Jr.

I’m tired of Nikki Haley’s war in South Carolina against the arts (see the link for an example ^), against mental health services, against public services in general in SC, against infrastructure.

If this is the Republican utopia of pseudo libertarianism where everybody who already has enough money can continue enjoying their lives while those in need are ignored because the scale of poverty is too big for individuals to overcome on their own …. well, I guess I need to go vote for Shaheen.

I missed the 2010 gubernatorial election in SC because I was so pissed at politics in general. I’m still pissed (and apathetic, somehow at the same time).  But this year I will make sure I vote.

I have no confidence that it’ll matter, but at least I’ll be able to complain with a clear conscience if Haley is re-elected.