If the evil gremlins kill the woman’s desktop computer, she has to borrow her husband’s laptop.

When she has to borrow his laptop, he can’t do his Big Important Assignments.

When the man can’t do his assignments, he agrees the wife can buy a new desktop.

When the wife goes desktop shopping, she decides on an iMac (of course) so she can do her design work on a new shiny screen.

When she decides on an iMac, she spends all week impatiently waiting for it to arrive.

When she finally sits down to work on a design at her shiny new iMac, she remembers that her home office chair is truly a piece of crap.

When she sits on a crappy chair, she is motivated to do more design jobs so she can pay for a new chair.

Moral of the story: I am a freelance designer and would love to pick up some extra projects this year.  🙂   I do print design mainly — posters, magazine and book layouts, brochures, flyers, billboards, ads, etc — but I also do shirt designs, social media marketing, and a bit of logo design. Hit me up. 

The Backstory: “The Talk”

Been cleaning out books from our personal library that we don’t use or want.

I guess I’ll keep this one. It’s not particularly useful, but it is personally significant.

This is how my parents gave me the “sex talk”: this book showed up on my bed one day, around the time I turned 12. I think my mom mentioned that I could ask her questions if I had any…..


And those 60 pages served as the sum total of my sex ed knowledge before I got married.

(I guess you could throw in the awkward 10th grade biology lecture on human reproduction.)