The ‘Good Enough’ Life

Enjoyed this piece by Elsa Walsh of the Washington Post on women being truly happy with the “good enough” life because balance is more important than raw achievement.

“Why women should embrace a ‘good enough’ life”

Walsh discusses her personal journey in American feminism from a loyalty to breaking barriers at all costs to a different definition of success.

“In my lifetime, very little has changed to improve the lives of working parents and their children. In fact, almost all of it has become worse since I was a young woman of 22, then a new mother of 38. And this is the most depressing measure of the women’s movement. Women like myself thought we had won feminism’s big prize — equal opportunity. But in our excitement and individual victories, we failed to demand the structural and cultural changes needed to make it work. In that, we have failed our daughters.”


“For a woman to say she is searching for a “good enough” life is not failure — it is maturity and self-knowledge.”

Any life lived solely for its own success will ultimately be a failure, regardless of the gender of the human involved, because it will be an empty life.

Great thoughts on how our priorities change as we grow into full adulthood.

PS. Walsh also makes this great point: “There is no real safety net for working mothers.” Or any single parent really. Our modern work culture demands our full worship–all our time, all our energy, all our attention. And for anyone in the median class or below, working moms won’t have the money to afford adequate child care. It’s a vicious cycle, an area for the Gospel to redeem.