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A link and a conversation

Around these parts, you’ll hear me say a lot about defining sin correctly, and living our lives much more graciously when it comes to the way we relate to others who see the world differently. Awhile back, I took a shot at writing about modesty in the context of a […]

The ‘Good Enough’ Life

Enjoyed this piece by Elsa Walsh of the Washington Post on women being truly happy with the “good enough” life because balance is more important than raw achievement. “Why women should embrace a ‘good enough’ life” Walsh discusses her personal journey in American feminism from a loyalty to breaking barriers […]

Good reads

A few articles that deserve your attention Finally, the response to military sexual harassment that I’ve been waiting to hear. If you’re going to start a startup, don’t get snagged by all the hype and myth and glamor. It’s just a start up…. and startups grow up to be corporate […]