Bono – On Christianity and Art

man, I love Bono….

“There’s a fear of duality [in Christian art]….There’s this part of us that says ….I want this music to do something positive in a very negative world but on the other hand you want to be honest and own up to your earthly desires and the confusion that everybody has.”
“‘Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’ …. A lot of [Christians] are happy with ‘pie in the sky when we die’ but I don’t think that’s our purpose.  Our purpose is to bring heaven to earth in the micro as well as the macro, and in every detail in our lives we should be trying to bring heaven to earth. Have the peace that passes understanding in ourselves, but do not be at peace with this world….because the world is not a happy place for most people who are living in it, and the world is more malleable than we think. We can wrestle it from fools.”
Here. Watch for yourself