James K. A. Smith on Culture, Liturgy, Worldview (video link)

About a year ago, I raved to everyone about the great book from James K. A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom. He suggests that a Christian anthropology which sees humans as “knowers” or “believers” (which is often implicit in many Reformed circles/studies on worldview) misses the deeper aspect of humans-as-lovers. What we desire drives what we are.

It’s not really earth-shattering; more like a recovery and clarification of a truth that should have never dropped from view.
Today I ran across this video of Smith giving a lecture which covers the seminal arguments of his first few chapters.  If you have 50 minutes, this will get you thinking about the “meat” of Smith’s book.  (Video below)
Also, I posted a few pithy quotes from the book when I was reading it….  You can pull them out of the archives here:
And now for the excellent lecture version: