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“Parent” doesn’t mean “Owner”

I’ve noticed a rising trend lately among the parents of younger students to define the “covenantal” part of NCS’s “Christian/covenantal/classical” philosophy thus: “Because the school has partnered with the parents, the school must give in when enough parents want something to change.” Or more bluntly, “we write the tuition checks, […]

The Psalms. And Cans of Woop-Ass.

Taken (new movie with Liam Neeson) is a lot of fun. Not deep, not believable, not even “quality”… just ass-whoopin’ fun.  There’s something satisfying about watching a father beat the shit out of the lowlifes who kidnapped his daughter.  It’s gratifying in some way that is onlymarginally godly.  (I think.) I’m not […]