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McLaren: The Final Word. (Maybe)

Just finished Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy. We kicked off this conversational review here, and then dropped in for a quick update a couple days ago. You might want to read those first.  After finishing his initial exposition chapters, I expected to skim the bulk of McLaren’s Generous Orthodoxy, but I found […]

thinking about The Table

Awhile back Coart and I were acquainted with a guy who studied at the Reformed Episcopal seminary in Texas. He was an interesting fellow, brimming with ideas about music, art, theology, philosophy which shook the little pillars of my worldview. I haven’t heard from him in quite a while; we […]

the emergent conversation (food for thought)

Currently reading: A Generous Orthodoxy, Brian McLaren As I was packing for our current vacation, I nabbed McLaren’s controversial book from Jack’s pile of recent reading acquisitions. (I tell you, if another bibliophile were to move into our household, the walls would probably collapse under the weight of the paper. […]